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AP veteran team, one of the Red Sox is one of the most popular team all over the world Red Sox fans. Differs from its   Boston Red Sox His fans, Red Sox fans, most of them are like the movie "Fever Pitch" (Fever Pitch) actor, madly in love with and support the Red Sox. These fans are collectively referred to as "Fenway congregation of believers" (Fenway faithfuls).Customize MLB Jerseys Fenway Park is the oldest one of the baseball stadium, opened in 1912. Left field walls of famous Chinese and foreign "green monster" (Green Monster) Built in 1917, the street in order to protect the outside of the stadium, and now has become a famous landmark in Boston, U.S. baseball's holy sites. It is also because of this high wall, makes a lot of other stadium can not become hits the ball wall stopped to become hits, Red Sox style that emphasis on attack. Fenway Park due to age, the small capacity of the audience, only more than 36,000 people, leaving the Red Sox game tickets hot. Red Sox with the rival Yankees, support the Yankees, with a total payroll of high record in recent years has been not bad, has become a frequent visitor to the playoffs.
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